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We were there! Hannover Messe, IBM Watson Build Workshop, CEBIT and 3DSE R & D Leading Conference.

The interfaces provided with version 6.x make it possible to develop Top-Logic™ based applications (nearshore, offshore, in house) intuitively and on its own responsibility. Top-Logic™ technology is an enabler for implementing new, innovative business models that also can be used to expand existing business models.
BOS will attend a variety of congresses and events in 2018 to enter into further strategic partnerships.
• Hannover Messe 2018: The world’s largest capital goods exhibition was held under the motto „Integrated industry – Connect & Collaborate“. A variety of Industry 4.0 / IIOT scenarios were presented.
• IBM Watson Build Workshop: opportunities for integration and use of “AI Services” from IBM Watson for Top-Logic™ applications
• CEBIT 2018: The exhibition presented visions and concepts for the connection of digital work and life.
• At the R & D Leading Conference 2018 of the consulting company 3DSE, the key trend „digitization and networking“ was illuminated by excellent impulse lectures.

Top-Logic™ 6-1-0 with yFiles integration and declarative publication of submodels

As announced in March, the Top-Logic™ 6-1-0 release was released by BOS Basic Development for our development partners.
The implemented yFiles integration allows Top-Logic™ models to be graphically edited. Also new is the „Top-Logic™ Sync“ component, which enables in a declaratively form the publication of submodels in connected bus systems, such as bus systems: Apache Kafka or IBM PSB for centralized information exchange with connected systems.

Top-Logic™ for cooperation and start-ups – More partners wanted

The success of BOS co-founded start-up ASCon Systems (www.ascon-systems.com) shows that Top-Logic™ 6 provides a development platform that companies can use to provide innovative system solutions that can be integrated into open architectures in customer environments.
ASCon Systems‘ program is to be THE Digital Twin Company. This includes the provision of a standard product as well as the offer to provide additional apps. ASCon Systems focuses its range of services on the production areas of the automotive and aviation industries.
BOS is looking for partners with expertise in product development, retail, service or public administration who want to write a success story comparable to ASCon Systems.
We offer development partnerships and participate in the establishment of start-ups.

Pilot operation of portfolio planning and control started for BMW AG

BMW AG’s development department has decided to use Top-Logic™’s standard configuration to plan, prioritise and manage the portfolio for optimisation projects during the year.
In April 2018, the pilot phase started, which is scheduled to last 3 months.

Top-Logic™ 6-0-4 released

At the beginning of March the version Top-Logic™ 6-0-4 was released for the BOS development team and for the development partners of BOS. Instances of Top-Logic™ applications can now be synchronized.
Version 6-1-0 has been announced for May 2018, which will include the yFiles integration, so that Top-Logic™ models can be edited graphically.

Project Management prime release 1.7 at Volkswagen AG deployed

Since 2011 the division Konzern Komponente of Volkswagen AG uses Top-Logic™ for the planning and monitoring of projects in the engineering and infrastructure area. The release prime 1.7 brings additional benefits in planning of phases, the usability and in the cockpit to the more of 1,000 Users.

Top-Logic™ 6-0-0 released

With the words „A quantum leap in the development of Top-Logic™“, the person responsible for product base development presents the introduction of the long-announced product update that is now available for use by BOS development and project partners.
The development of the new product version, in which BOS has invested several man-years, focused on the topics „better qualification of development partners“, „dynamic extension of the object model“ and „standardized configuration functions“.
The new product version has already been made available to ASCon Systems, a cooperation partner of BOS, and has been used as the basis for the development of new applications for Audi, BMW AG and Volkswagen AG.

Audi uses Top-Logic™ for planning and monitoring of the assembly process

Based on defined process templates, the management of activities, whoes the involved employees have to handle, now is supported by Top-Logic™. It is secured, all people works along the implemented process and gets best IT support for their daily work. The release went live in June 2017.

Business Operation Systems GmbH and Delta Management Beratung GmbH founding Startup ASCon Systems GmbH

ASCon means Advanced Shopfloor Control and connects the digital planning environment with the physical Shopfloor area. Top-Logic™ is the central Platform for the upcoming ASCon Product and is supplemented with Real-Time Bus Systems for assemble the Digital Twin.
For further Information see ascon-systems.de

prostep IVIP Symposium 2017 Industry 4.0

Together with Delta Management Beratung GmbH, as part of the prostep IVIP Symposium 2017 on 17. And 18 May 2017, we presented the project Synced Factory Twins.
Interested parties could see the interaction between the movements of the components, the assembly in real and their virtual representation.
Here the link to the prostep IVIP blog: blog.prostep.org