Release TopLogic 6.6.0 (Maintenance Release)

Release TopLogic 6.6.0 (Maintenance Release)
This release includes the following improvements:

  • Grid: Merge filter and sort buttons in column headers
  • Upgrade of font Awesome to version 5.13.0

Business Operation Systems – Fiscal Year End

BOS has concluded a successful 2020/2021 financial year. Despite pandemic-related commissioning difficulties, earnings were above the previous year’s level, and the plan for the year was narrowly exceeded. We would like to thank all contributors for their continued support, especially in difficult times.

BOS participates in funding application as part of the Gaia-X program

Gaia-X is an international non-profit association founded in January 2021 that aims to build an ecosystem where data is made available in a trusted environment (source: Together with partners, BOS is submitting a funding application with the intention of bringing in TopLogic – the automated app engine – as an infrastructure component.

Release TopLogic v7.3

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements:

  • Text: Model constraints
  • Create online help in-App
  • XMI Model Import
  • Database schema definition editor
  • Multi-color icon fonts with overlays
  • Service Editor: configure and restart services in-App
  • Translation button for I18N fields
  • Tree Tables
  • Simplified templates for application layouts
  • Multiple super-users
  • TL script: Model reflection, regular expressions, switch statements, Or fallback chains, deep copy, groupBy, indexBy, and other improvements

BOS responds to a request for solution for a homologation application

TopLogic is currently employed as the technological basis of a homologation application for an audit-proof document workflow for new product approvals. Due to the success of the project, another automotive OEM has now become aware of BOS’s technical and technological competence and has invited us to bid for tender. The RfS documents were submitted in May 2021.

Alpha Preview Release TopLogic 7.4.0

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements:

  • Generic model navigation to the container
  • Adding calculated columns to tables
  • TL Script Task
  • Status-dependent executability of commands
  • Tables with dynamic columns

BOS hands over first application in China

The Prime application developed for Volkswagen Components has now also been made available as a separate instance for Volkswagen Automatic Transmission with customer-specific extensions for operation in China.

BMW extends license and maintenance for 12 months

With its TopLogic-based PMC application, the BMW Group’s vehicle development projects have been controlled using 360° report monitoring for 10 years now.

2 merge into 1

With our new web presence, we intend to demonstrate Business Operation System’s ongoing transformation to product house. We consistently pursue a path for positioning TopLogic – the automated app engine as a NoCode platform and for winning over partner companies to employ TopLogic as a platform for providing domain-specific applications.
For this purpose, we have merged the previous Internet presences separately focused on our product and our company. We look forward to your feedback.

3 Apps for the Digital Factory

BOS realizes together with ASCon Systems 3 applications for a common technical context. TL Sync is used for communication on model level, Kafka is used as bus. Currently, the last to dos for stabilization for industrial use from Q4/2021 are being implemented for the application trio.