Release TopLogic 6.5.0 (Maintenance Release)

This release includes the following improvements:

  • Tables with analysis rows
  • Comment fields for documents
  • Context menus
  • Support of PostgreSQL

Explanatory videos replace workshop series

BOS was able to excite a number of software-savvy people with its 2019 relaunched workshop series on revolutionary app development with the NoCode platform TopLogic.
During the pandemic, however, we also discovered the medium of “explanatory videos”. Our proven and reliable partner Contenthouse from St. Gallen (Switzerland) has managed to engage people who are able to provide excellent explanations that illustrate implementation steps in ways that are easy to understand.

A further step toward product house

With version 7 of TopLogic – the automated app engine, we are convinced that we can now provide a software development platform with which you can describe applications and no longer have to program them. The application model is hereby the linchpin of software engineering. You can now finally begin to deal with app development backlogs. The video “This is TopLogic – the automated app engine”, as well as the corresponding flyer, shows exactly what this all means.

Start of our “Product Homepage” project

As part of the company’s strategic orientation, we have decided to create a new, product featuring homepage under the direction of the Digital Business Innovators of Contenthouse from St. Gallen, Switzerland. Launch date is scheduled for the beginning of November 2020.

Release TopLogic 7.2.0

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements:

  • Form Editor
  • Context menus
  • Theme Editor
  • Editor for new views in the application
  • TL script editor with context help
  • Direct model export to the development environment
  • Translations service
  • Support of PostgreSQL

Importing application models for designing TopLogic apps

BOS has begun cooperation with an in-house consulting team of an automotive OEM. The object is the import of existing ARIS models into the TopLogic platform with subsequent validation of the extent to which the models can serve as a starting point for the description of an application model in TopLogic.

Online Event for TopLogic Partners

BOS organizes online event to make potential integration partners more familiar with the functionality of TopLogic’s NoCode platform in detail. The focus is on a “hands-on” task, so that the participants implement predefined requirements directly in TopLogic. BOS Architects review the designed application models and give tips for model optimization.

Release TopLogic 7.2.0_01

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements:

  • Create TLEnumerations in the Model Tree

BOS acquires stake in Plasma International Technologies GmbH

Business Operation Systems is co-founder of Plasma International Technologies GmbH. The development of innovative, plasma-based lighting technologies will revolutionize the interplay between sustainability and energy efficiency. For more information, see:
With TopLogic – the automated app engine, Business Operation Systems will provide the information technology to integrate various plasma-based products, for example, for the purpose of managing real estate, into an overall control system.

New homepage: a big milestone has been achieved

The company Business Operation Systems will increasingly develop into a product house and provider for the TopLogic NoCode platform. As a result, this product will come more to the fore, and the vision formulated with the founding of the company to companies with operating systems companies will take a beat seat. This vision has been realized with TopLogic v7, and it deserves a brand new website:
We will merge the company pages with the product pages again in 2021.
We would like to thank the Contenthouse team, who once again provided first-class services.