Release TopLogic v7.3

This release includes the following enhancements and improvements:

  • Text: Model constraints
  • Create online help in-App
  • XMI Model Import
  • Database schema definition editor
  • Multi-color icon fonts with overlays
  • Service Editor: configure and restart services in-App
  • Translation button for I18N fields
  • Tree Tables
  • Simplified templates for application layouts
  • Multiple super-users
  • TL script: Model reflection, regular expressions, switch statements, Or fallback chains, deep copy, groupBy, indexBy, and other improvements

BOS participates in funding application as part of the Gaia-X program

Gaia-X is an international non-profit association founded in January 2021 that aims to build an ecosystem where data is made available in a trusted environment (source: Together with partners, BOS is submitting a funding application with the intention of bringing in TopLogic – the automated app engine – as an infrastructure component.

Business Operation Systems – Fiscal Year End

BOS has concluded a successful 2020/2021 financial year. Despite pandemic-related commissioning difficulties, earnings were above the previous year’s level, and the plan for the year was narrowly exceeded. We would like to thank all contributors for their continued support, especially in difficult times.

Release TopLogic 6.6.0 (Maintenance Release)

Release TopLogic 6.6.0 (Maintenance Release)
This release includes the following improvements:

  • Grid: Merge filter and sort buttons in column headers
  • Upgrade of font Awesome to version 5.13.0

Volkswagen continues to rely on TopLogic prime – now also in China

VW commissions BOS with implementing its Prime application at Volkswagen Automatic Transmission in Tianjin, China. Prime was previously developed for Volkswagen Group Component.

Happy Holidays and a Great Start in 2020

Evaluation of TopLogic V7 in India completed

BOS supported its partner ASCon Systems in an evaluation and benchmark project for the IT organization of a German automotive OEM in India. Under laboratory conditions, use cases with TopLogic were converted into executable apps using model descriptions. Our contribution was coaching the modelers and reviewing the created application models.
The speed with which apps could be generated as well as the actual ability to develop apps NoCode convinced users.

Automotive OEM bets on TopLogic for homologation

With TopLogic as foundation, the homologation process at the customer’s site is to be conducted by audit trail in an audit-proof manner. Implementation is to be led by a BOS team that will work closely with the customer’s IT and development experts.

Demo TopLogic 7 for Group IT and Process Management R&D

BOS took on the challenge posed by a long-standing customer to show in an online presentation of only one hour how a web app for controlling product development could be modeled from a requirement sketch consisting of a relation of products, responsible persons, deadlines and costs, and then activated for use at the push of a button.
“That was pure NoCode”, was the unanimous and enthusiastic feedback of the 15 participants.

Evaluation of shopware’s eCommerce shop

In the role of IT coordinator, BOS takes on the task of evaluating shopware’s product for use in a company group. The aim is to prepare an entity in terms of content and technology so as to enable commercial use by the company group partners. The plan foresees that plasma-based products from Plasma International Technologies will be the first to be presented on the eCommerce Shop.