Hiring by Gaming

Business Operation Systems has started the cooperation with EntwicklerHeld in Dresden. Starting in mid-May, a BOS-sponsored coding challenge will be available to provide insight into working with TopLogic.

TopLogic 7.5.0-M1 released

Major enhancements are:
– Dependency management and build via Maven
– Configurable PDF export for forms
– Custom commands in the context menu of object tiles

Want to know more about the features and capabilities of TopLogic – the automated app engine? Thomas Bauer and Guido Dostert will be happy to help you.

Solidarity with the Ukrainian people

We are shocked and could not imagine until a few weeks ago that another war of aggression would take place in Europe and thus in our immediate vicinity.

As a sign of our sympathy for the people in Ukraine who are exposed to immeasurable suffering, we have donated to the German Red Cross (drk.de) earmarked for relief operations in Ukraine.

InApp GUI design description comes into focus

With TL 7, BOS has succeeded in taking an innovative leap. Various InApp modeling tools are available for model-centric application development. Starting this year, we will focus on better, more vivid and ergonomic visualization of TL apps. For this we could strengthen the TopLogic team with an experienced UI / UX designer: up to date visualization meets the automatic generation of GUIs from the application model.

The goal is to efficiently transfer design concepts, which can also include GUI elements from third-party libraries, into executable apps.

TopLogic 7.4 released

TL Product Development has released 7.4 to customers and partners. Among others, the following enhancements and improvements are included:

– In-app configured drag and drop with pre-target validation.
– Meta model: Generic navigation to containers
– Addition of calculated columns to tables
– InApp transactions with user input
– Multiple relationships between components
– Layout editor: in-app configuration of tile cockpits and selection components and introspection
– Tables with dynamic columns

You want to know more about the functionality and possibilities of TopLogic – the automated app engine? Thomas Bauer and Guido Dostert are at your disposal.

3 Apps for the Digital Factory

BOS realizes together with ASCon Systems 3 applications for a common technical context. TL Sync is used for communication on model level, Kafka is used as bus. Currently, the last to dos for stabilization for industrial use from Q4/2021 are being implemented for the application trio.

BOS donates to the district of Ahrweiler

The flooding of the Ahr River in July 2021 is one of the largest natural disasters in Germany. The immense flooding brought hardly describable suffering to the inhabitants of the Ahr valley. BOS has donated to the district of Ahrweiler. Our thoughts are with the many people affected.

2 merge into 1

With our new web presence, we intend to demonstrate Business Operation System’s ongoing transformation to product house. We consistently pursue a path for positioning TopLogic – the automated app engine as a NoCode platform and for winning over partner companies to employ TopLogic as a platform for providing domain-specific applications.
For this purpose, we have merged the previous Internet presences separately focused on our product and our company. We look forward to your feedback.

BMW extends license and maintenance for 12 months

With its TopLogic-based PMC application, the BMW Group’s vehicle development projects have been controlled using 360° report monitoring for 10 years now.

BOS hands over first application in China

The Prime application developed for Volkswagen Components has now also been made available as a separate instance for Volkswagen Automatic Transmission with customer-specific extensions for operation in China.