Top-Logic in AWS Cloud – up and running

As a Registered Partner of Amazon Web Services we have Top-Logic the automated app engine in the AWS Cloud ready to use. As the first use case Top-Logic was used in the workshop last week in Munich on 15 AWS instances. These instances will be available to the workshop participants for reworking and testing until the end of 2019.

19th Ostschweizer Technologie Symposium– Trends and Innovations in Production

The main focus of the event (the “East Swiss Technology Symposium”) was the discussion on how AI methods can contribute towards increasing efficiency. One illustrative example – namely the founding of a startup – demonstrated how a relevant target group can be identified before a product is completely developed and how customers can be won. Other talks dealt with methods of using machine-derived data in order to inform future product development.

Preview of Top-Logic 7

With Top-Logic 7, the previously known development framework becomes „the automated app engine“. In the future, Citizen developers will be able to create applications purely with model descriptions. Top-Logic 7 is a development and operating platform in one. A long-time Top-Logic customer has already been able to experience the benefits of the automated app engine in comparison with iBPMS providers. The alpha version already proved to be convincing and we were able to prevail against the competition.

You want to know more about business opportunities with Top-Logic or how the automated app engine works? Our Business Management ( and is looking forward to hearing from you.

Top-Logic 6.3: New Features

The Top-Logic Framework now includes a feature for multi-uploading of files and images to web folders. Top-Logic Sync – the technological basis for communication between Top-Logic models – has been extended to enable communication with structures. The Top-Logic Script Recorder is now also multi-user capable.

3 Top-Logic Apps interactively connected via Kafka

We have created a product demonstrator for one of our automotive customers based on Top-Logic 7 Alpha, which allows 3 different Top-Logic applications – connected via a Kafka bus – to communicate interactively. The demonstrator shows how different applications can use their models to interact with each other.

Interested? Contact us.

Article on Cloud28+ – The product manufacturers are challenged

Business Operation Systems has published an article about the digital challenge in industrial manufacturing on Cloud28+. The focus on digitization in a highly competitive global market.—demands-placed-on-product-manufacturers

BOS presents Top-Logic at Cloud28+, the marketplace for cloud computing services

Cloud28+ is a global marketplace for cloud computing services and an alliance of cloud computing organisations. The platform is an initiative of HPE.

Visit Top-Logic on Cloud 28 +

Top-Logic 6.2: New Features

It has recently become possible to edit structured texts as WYSIWYG. T-L Script now includes an expression for recursive search queries. Since Top-Logic applications are increasingly used across time zones, users are now able to set time zones for their individual use.

Top-Logic™ 6-1-0 with yFiles integration and declarative publication of submodels

As announced in March, the Top-Logic™ 6-1-0 release was released by BOS Basic Development for our development partners.
The implemented yFiles integration allows Top-Logic™ models to be graphically edited. Also new is the „Top-Logic™ Sync“ component, which enables in a declaratively form the publication of submodels in connected bus systems, such as bus systems: Apache Kafka or IBM PSB for centralized information exchange with connected systems.

Top-Logic™ 6-0-4 released

At the beginning of March the version Top-Logic™ 6-0-4 was released for the BOS development team and for the development partners of BOS. Instances of Top-Logic™ applications can now be synchronized.
Version 6-1-0 has been announced for May 2018, which will include the yFiles integration, so that Top-Logic™ models can be edited graphically.